Monday, April 14, 2014

He's Just Not That Into To You

Welcome, my fellow readers, non-readers, spammers, and the idiots who landed themselves here by accident! It's been a long time since I posted anything and I just needed to exercise my fingers a bit. I may need them in good working condition some day in the event that I have anything of substance to write. Today is not that day.

Nope. Today is more or less what some would consider blogger suicide. Is this the death of Workingdan? After calling this post suicide I would imagine that the title is starting to make sense. "So what are you getting at, Dan?" you may be asking yourselves. It's simple. I'm just not that into you, as the title suggests.

Now settle down there you attention whores! Let me finish before you go hitting that little red X. Does this mean I think you are a lousy writer? Of course not. Many of you are excellent writers and I enjoy reading your posts...when and if I get around to it. Does this mean I don't find your content to be anything of interest? No. You all post interesting things in your own unique way.

What this means is that my personal interests have shifted. I enjoyed writing and posting on a regular basis. I enjoyed reading and commenting on your blogs. Key word being "enjoyed". As in past tense for those lacking comprehension to understand this. But don't go doubting yourselves, I'm sure you're still great writers. It's not you, it's me.

You see, my interest in writing comes and goes, in case you haven't noticed already from the infrequent posting on this blog. Here lately writing or even reading blogs is not in my interests at this time. When I first started blogging it was fun, and I kept it steady with regular posting for a good year or so. I was having fun, living in Workingdan's world. The good ol' days of blogging, complete with cartoons and all.

But something happened. It become more of a chore than a hobby and I had to force my writing. It's not that I didn't have anything to write about, I was backlogged with brilliant ideas for this blog. And that's kinda where the real problems began. Everything I did became potential Workingdan material. In a sense, I was becoming Workingdan....and I didn't like him. He's an asshole. A self-centered prick and he was a bully. This was showing through in the real world and it had a direct impact on my life. I became the opposite person of who I really am.

I ultimately had to put an end to the Workingdan persona that was taking over my life. I miss it sometimes and there are still times when something happens and I'm like "This would make for a good blog post" but the thought is quickly dismissed and I carry on about my business, unlike before where my mind would be wrapped around this blog post for an entire day, or even a week, consuming me.

I was becoming quite popular in the blogosphere, gaining new followers. This was very exciting at first. But when you're gaining more and more followers it's hard to continue proper blog etiquitte. You know, returning the favor, exchanging blog comments, all that bullshit you people do. This was overwhelming for me, a family man, to spend all my time reading blogs. It's the turn-off that, in the end, did this blog in. It was a chore, no longer a hobby.

As I spent less and less time blogging I grew interested in other thigs. First and foremost I had to focus on my family. Workingdan had done some damge to my relationships and restoring those bonds was top priority. Secondly, and equally as important, I woke up. I became more aware of how shitty things were in the government and how it affects my life. I wanted to write about it in hopes of waking others up as well. I wanted to be a credible source of information, which unfortunately, requires presenting a lot of facts. Research and fact finding is not one of my strong points so that idea quickly fizzled out. Or maybe I'm just lazy!

Yes, I miss blogging. I miss reading other blogs. I miss the friends I've made and the back and forth playful banter. I miss trying to make people laugh. I miss trying to make people cry. I miss drawing those stupid little cartoons. I miss trying my hand at fiction. I miss the feeling you get when you hit publish on a post you're proud of.

I may miss it but it doesn't mean I'm back. I may post something here and there. If you still come to read it, great. If you don't, oh well. If you do still visit when I post something, don't expect me to come running to your blog to leave a comment. I don't work that way.

Besides, I'm just not that into you!

Visit me if you dare!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

President Obama on the Legalization of Marijuana

Angry American post, delivered lazy blogger style. I may like my weed, but I isn't stupid. We know what you're up to Mr. President. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Colts Nation Domination

There lives a great prophet and his name is Pagano
And everywhere Pagano went, the players wanted to go
This is the story of a prophecy in the making
It stands right before us, it is there for the taking

It was foretold that Pagano would come and lead this Colts Nation
Make them into champions and claim their rightful station
And for those who believe and truly follow along
Will live for greater glory because we are #ChuckStrong

But Pagano needed help to make the prophecy come true
So he turned to a fearless young man and his name was Andrew
Andrew could be a leader, he is just the right guy
He can throw, he can run, he can even fly

Standing in their way was the Belichick, a scandalous cheat
But the prophecy foretells that it is the Patriots we must beat
Leading the Patriots was a man-like kind of lady
And it calls itself none other than Brady

The football diva has worn the crown three times before
And beating that thing down will be quite the chore
The Colts Nation believes they are up to the task
So long as they do whatever Pagano will ask

The Colts marched strong to the land where Patriots dwell
They were booed and scorned, it was some kind of hell
The Colts made their way into the stadium of Gillette
Conditions were horrible, it was raining and wet

The battle commenced for what was to be an epic fight
Both teams fought diligently, well into the rainy night
The Patriots struck first, coming out fast
And already it seemed the Colts would not last

The Patriots pressed on, landing blow after blow
But the Colts kept up pace with their usual comeback show
The team grew worried with the time running out
So Andrew the leader consoled his teammates "We got this! Without a doubt!"

The Colts needed a little extra push to get over this hump
To grab hold of this victory and get out of this dump
The Colts called upon their fans, who truly believe
To help steal a win before they pack up and leave

And the 12th man brought with them one great big fan
A blue collar man by the name of Workingdan
"Look up there!" said Andrew to his team
"It's our biggest fan, and he's coming full steam!"

Workingdan was huge, standing tall and proud
He shouted to Colts Nation "It's time to get loud!"
The fans all shouted and hollered and made Gillette rumble
And that's when the Patriots started to crumble

Brady and Belichick got scared and started to retreat
Then the Colts stepped up and handed them defeat
The Colts came back to win because that's what they do
And the prophecy was fulfilled because we believe in blue

Then Andrew set his sights on the city a mile high
He approached their leader and looked him straight in the eye
He said "You there, from the land where they make Coors"
"I handled my business, can you handle yours?" be continued.

Update: I never said that the prophecy was in reference to this year. Perhaps next year the tale will unfold as it was foretold.

Go Colts!

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