Monday, April 20, 2015

Hard (cont'd)

"No! You are not free to go! Sit down! Just a few more more questions." the officer barked, trying his best to appear as if he is in complete control of the situation.

"When did you last see Dan, prior to today?" the cop continued.

Michael, who is Dan's brother, sat back in his chair and paused for a moment to recollect his memories.
"The dog." he recalled. "I remember he was going to tell us a story about his dog, Blake."

Rob Smith, the 'I-wanna-be-a-hero' cop, instinctively thought that he was onto something with this dog. A very inquisitive look washed over his face and he leaned in towards Michael, as if trying to impose some form of dominance.
"Tell me more about this dog." he demanded.

"I know nothing about the dog." Michael retorted plainly. "I told you, I haven't talked to him since then. He never did finish the story about the dog."

"Who would know more about" officer Smith demanded.

"Well, officer, if I was in your shoes, the obvious place to start would be his wife." Michael snarked. "She was, after all, part owner of the dog and was by Dan's side every day."

"His wife has gone missing as well, in case you hadn't noticed. Or is that too obvious for you?" the cop snapped back, feeling as if he had recovered from ridicule.

"You know.." Rob continued, "you should try picking up the phone once in a while. Maybe then you could tell me more about your missing brother and his wife."

"That's none of your fucking business!" Michael retaliated. "Why don't you stop harassing me and get your ass out there and find my damn brother!"

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do." Rob said in a strangely calm tone. "Now tell me, is there anyone else who might know about the dog?"

Michael, unwilling to match the cop's change of tone, screamed "What is it with you and this fucking dog? What in the blue fuck does the story of a goddamn dog have anything to do with finding my brother?"

"If we find the dog we'll find Dan." said Rob.

"No, Rob! You find my brother and then you'll find the dog. Get your fucking priorities straight!" Michael shouted.

"Will you just cooperate so I can conduct my investigation, please?" the cop pleaded.

"You're not even a detective. You're just a street cop, driving a regular old patrol car!" Michael pointed out.

"Can you just give me a name of someone who is actually close to your brother, unlike you, who might know more than you do?" Rob asked, with a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Fine. Nathan might know something. He's practically Dan's brother in law. Go talk to him." Michael stated. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think we're done here."

"You're free to go." Rob said, as if he had just given a command.

Michael got up and stopped at the door and turned to Rob. "You know something, Rob? You haven't been cool since 8th grade."

The cop just smiled and hung his head. He knew Michael was right. He'd changed. be continued

Friday, March 27, 2015


"Dan was here but he just left. He didn't say anything, he didn't leave a message. He just walked in, had this blank stare on his face as if he had forgotten something, and then he left. That's all I can tell you, except for maybe that he looked a little worn down...he looked life had gotten hard."

"That's all I know. I wish I could tell you more because I'm concerned as well. Am I free to go?" be continued.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Man Shaming

The other day I discovered a new trend that seems to be going around on the Internet. I know, when isn't something trending on the web, right? Anyways, this particular trend kinda got to me. It struck a nerve. It felt like a low blow. It angered me.

Now before we passionately delve into discussion on this topic with gusto, I think I should make one thing clear right now. I am not some anti-feminist looking to raise hell, hating on women, and gearing up for some movement. But I will say this, there are some dumb ass women out there giving you girls a bad name. That bad name, more often than not, when applied directly, comes out the mouth as none other than "bitch".

Now ladies, don't you get your panties in a wad. I know you're all just sitting there saying "Did he just call me a....?"

No. No, I did not.

Just some of you.

Back to the trend. They are calling it "social experiments". I, on the other hand, just call it what it shaming. I encountered this video where a girl pretends to be drunk in public and is seeking help getting home. Keep in mind this girl is smoking hot and suggestively dressed in a tiny summer dress. I'm sure you can imagine how it went down. Please watch the video and see for yourself.....It's okay, I'll wait.

Now as a man, after viewing that I was offended. Why? Well let's start, the bitch set out for the sole purpose of soliciting such behavior. I mean really, you're going to get what you're asking for. Now you tell me, as a guy, if a girl that hot stumbles up to you, demanding your attention, are you not going to be like "Damn girl! You fine!" and possibly make a pass at her?

No, she got exactly what she was after. It could very well have been staged as well. There was an instance or 2 where watching by-standers had their phones out, as if ready to call the cops. So what, you say? What's the big deal? Well the big deal is this...they had their phones out ready to call the police because what they were witnessing is not normal. Just think about it. They are in Hollywood, the slum capitol of the world, those people are used to seeing some of the strangest behavior. What they saw could be something that just doesn't happen, it simply isn't normal. Why else would they have their phones out ready to call the cops for a guy hitting on a girl? Just some food for thought.

Another thing that irks me is how the video is edited, as if only showing the ones where she gets hit on. She was there all day putting on the same act, where are the ones who were sincerely trying to help her find the bus? You damn well know that there were some people who didn't show the predatory behavior that she was seeking. Where were all those people? If this is indeed a social experiment, then by all means, I beg you, please show us the facts so that we can make the comparison as to how many men, out of all the men who was encountered, demonstrated the predatory behavior.

Bitch, puhleeaase! You ain't fooling nobody!

And then there was another video I came across, which actually precedes the above video. Both videos have gone viral, by the way, which comes as no surprise being that stirring the pot on social and human rights issues is the new American way. In the next video a woman goes out to record cat calls, men hooting and hollering as she walks by. And where does she go to solicit these cat calls? Why it's in the streets of Manhattan, New York, of course! Now that itself is laughable! Go ahead and watch. Again, I'll wait...

Gee, let's just place ourselves among the thugs and  gangs and then cry about street harassment! In my opinion, most of those men were giving her compliments, telling her "God bless" and "have a nice day". How dare those men behave like such monsters!

But what these bitches fail to realize is that the roles could easily be reversed. Yep. Any man, with the proper editing tools and the proper environmental setting, can go make a video demonstrating just how cruel women can be, making them out to be the cold-hearted bitches that they are. And to prove it, I conducted an experiment of my own.

I decided to go to the local Walmart parking lot, pretending to be drunk and in need of a ride home. The results of the experiment went just as expected. Observe....

You see how easy it was to turn the tables on the women? They are very rude, damn near psychotic towards the kindest and most sincere men. Take that, bitches!

I just want to know the motive behind all this. What do they hope to accomplish? Why do they want to make all men out to be horrible people? Is it because they had a bad experience with a man, thus making ALL men monsters by default? Can one bad man really ruin it for us all?

In order for the human race to survive, man and woman must co-exist and procreate. It makes me wonder if this war on men is part of an elaborate scheme to bring this world to an end.

***Breaking news***
Women of the world have boycotted all men. All couples have separated and nobody is having sex. Scientists predict that without any new life being born, the last of the human race will die off in approximately 93 years.

Maybe these women are just bored. Maybe they are just looking for something to fight for. I don't know what exactly, being that the women's rights movement has been over for a long time. It's over ladies, you won. You can stop fighting now. If it's a fight you want, fight Washington. They're the ones tearing down society.

Or maybe, just maybe, this all ties into the PC craze that's still in full force, and growing stronger. Maybe it's a political ploy. It could be another distraction, planted into the minds of women, to keep the nation fighting amongst ourselves, keeping us divided.

It doesn't matter what the reason is, really. I just want it to stop. Not all men are the predators these videos make us out to be. We already knew that there are some bad people out there. Don't act so surprised to actually get the behavior that you, yourself, set out to solicit. I'm talking to you, fake girl! You're fake drunkenness and your fake boobies ain't fooling anybody.

Let this be a future lesson for men. When you're out in public and a drunk girl comes up to you, don't fall for it!
Never mind that the girl is drop-dead gorgeous. Forget the fact that it is wired into your DNA to mate with beautiful women. According to the videos it is not OK to try to get with a girl that you find attractive. Primal instincts must be discarded. Approaching women is forbidden.

I find this whole ordeal to be entirely absurd. These women have gone too far. Whether they are pushing some agenda or are just seeking publicity, they have crossed the line. And now people all across the nation are in an uproar. Are you happy with yourselves now, ladies?

We have made our stance. Chalk one up for the guys! Your move, bitches!

*end rant*

I am Workingdan and I have spoken.

The first video has been made private. Aparently the makers of the video couldn't handle all the bad publicity it was getting. Try this one...

This video was published by the same people of the first, only it has been retitled as "Drunk girl in public prank!!!

This confirms all suspicions that this was staged. It only goes to show how low some women will go in order to label all men as pigs.